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Business Model Innovation - for Growth Stage Start-up in Customer Experience

Experience Portfolio

Business Model Innovation


Base - Singapore;
GDC, GSC - Bangalore, Mangalore - India
Clients - ASEAN, India, USA


Co-founder, Entrepreneur, Transformation (Strategy, Growth)

Strategic alignment/ partnership with founder-owner to transform:

1. Business 10x times and valuation 3x times revenues within seven years.

2. A single customer/geography to multiple customers/geographic presence.

3. Services-led contact centre solutions to becoming a CX apps ISV (product house) with over 100+ product/component portfolios.

4. Sales competencies to compete with likes of Nice, Genesys & Cisco in close partnership with Avaya. Unlike the prominent vendors, specific USPs were agile in turning around proposals, re-pricing and creative solutions.

5. Pricing strategist - Ensured every piece of the IP gets priced, especially if it demonstrated that it creates value for the clients. This single-minded focus created a product + component portfolio of over 150+ line items over seven years. This created not only an excellent 1st-time revenue but also recurring maintenance revenues. For SaaS models, the spoils were similar over 5-7 years, the general time frame before clients started looking at significant upgrades/replacements.

6. From 20+ team count to 170+ people.

7. Into a recognised brand that establishes a solid emotional connection with its target audience, building trust and loyalty from the ground up.

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